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Welcome to the GPBikes mods Wiki

This wiki is intended to document gpbikes physics and mods. Gpbikes is a motorcycle simulation game created by Piboso.

Basic checklist when creating physics : checklist

The general config file

The startup config file : (.ini) : ini

Modding your bike - Physics:

All about the config file (BikeName.cfg) : Config (WIP)

All about the motor (.engn) : Motor

All about the geometry (.geom) : Geometry (WIP)

All about the tyres (.tyre) : Tyres (WIP)

Modding your bike - Graphics

The main graphic file (gfx.cfg) : gfx (WIP)

The HUD file (hud.cfg) : hud

The camera file (camera.cfg) : camera

The part graphic file : hrc (Empty)

Mounting points for the 3D model : mountingPoints3D (WIP)

Here are the 4 base models 3dsmax file available (125,125RR,500, 990)  :!9dw1zbbS!S_1xlkVl8l6Q9YN8Dc4a-TdJkVN_8xEZ_JsCX1z17JM

As it is a rip, there are no textures. These can be used to check the geometry of the bikes, to help find how the .geom file works.

Modding your bike - Sounds

The main sound file (sfx.cfg) : sfx (Empty)

The part sound file (.scl) : scl (Empty)

Ressources about chassis and geometry design


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